Great part of tomato production is for industrial processing and Italy has an important place in this sector being one of the major world producers of tomato processing and among the first world exporters of chopped and peeled tomatoes.

From the tomato we can obtain juice, concentrated, sieved, peeled, chopped, diced, shredded and various dried products (such as flakes and powders).

The quality of these industrial products is the result of the conditions of various components of the entire supply chain: agricultural production, collection and transport, processing, preservation and distribution technologies.

Our producers select and commit every year to cultivate and deliver to the industries a healthy, ripe product, rich in carotenoids and other functional substances for man’s health, which give the desired intensity of colour and taste to the finished product. With the minor possible impact of green, split or other undesirable characteristics.

Depending on the derivative to be obtained, fruits of the proper pulp size and thickness will be needed. Fruits with specific contents of pectin, cellulose and pH will also be needed.

All this requires a deep knowledge of the crop and of the different varieties.

The coordination of the product collection and transport phases from the field to the industry is also important. These steps must be short, because the product preserves its qualitative and organoleptic properties.

Last but not least, the best technological processes must be used to obtain products of high organoleptic quality and which preserve the fruit nutrients in the finished product.

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