Our association is of over 350 members who are the beating heart and the lifeblood of the industry; they cultivate with care and passion and perform a valuable job safeguarding the environment and our territory.

We are in different regions in the Italian territory and cultivate over 7,500 hectares.

From the care that the Members daily bring to the field, the raw material is born that we deliver to the processing industries for the production of those high quality products that we find every day in supermarkets.

Commitment, dedication, study and passion are just some of the factors which allow us to obtain a product with exceptional intrinsic qualities, cultivated according to the most stringent rules of integrated or organic production.
In this way we maintain the consumers’ trust in our industry and entrust a healthy raw material in their hands and table, which respects the environment and the workers’ welfare. There is a difficult process that this product goes through which is difficult to imagine, but incredible once you become aware of it and which we describe in the following pages.