Since 2019 ASIPO participates in the Research and Experimentation project entitled “NATIONAL VARIETAL COMPARISON PROJECT FOR INDUSTRIAL TOMATOES AND TO INCREASE THE ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY OF CULTIVATION BY REDUCING WATER CONSUMPTION AND INTRODUCING BIODEGRADABLE MULCH” in collaboration with 12 other Organization of Fruit and Vegetable Producers (OP), together with CREA – Council for research in agriculture and the analysis of the agricultural economy with the Horticulture and Nursery Research Center – Pontecagnano office (CREA OF) and to our National Union – Italia Ortofrutta.

In the images you can see the inspections of the past few days at our experimental field in Felino (PR). During the visits was also carried out the test of deficit irrigation for biodegradable mulch.

More information about the project is available at this link››

Pomodoro da industria
Italia Ortofrutta