Our association takes a further step towards a sustainable supply chain to become a reference point for consumers and offer our customers unique features and guarantees.

With these objectives we have laid the foundations for the establishment of a “strengthened” certified supply chain.

Our partners accompany us on this innovative path: the certification body SGS Italia Spa, leader in the field of inspections worldwide, and the control body CCPB Srl, the national reference point in the organic sector.

With them we have studied this project for a “strengthened” supply chain, unique and exclusive to ASIPO SAC, which will make it possible to:

  • improve our certification systems;
  • check compliance with European and national legislation of the organic products grown and marketed by the Members in the best possible way;
  • verify compliance with other certification standards (ISCC PLUS, GLOBALG.A.P., GRASP, etc.).

In this way we will be able to offer the best possible service guarantees to our customers.

Furthermore, we will give our members a better technical and operational support, putting ourselves by their side in the certification and compliance process with current legislation.

“To certify GLOBALGAP-GRASP, CHAIN ​​TRACEABILITY (ISO 22005), INTEGRATED PRODUCTION (Qc brand and UNI 11233) and SUSTAINABILITY (ISCC PLUS) – declares Roberto Domaschi Food Schemes Manager of SGS Italia a professional organization that manages around 20% of industrial tomatoes in the district of northern Italy is for SGS Italia a source of pride especially for the seriousness and motivation with which the Organization has faced these challenges, where by Organization we mean the ASIPO technicians and the members; a great challenge that can only grow. “

“CCPB is proud to provide its certification services pursuant to Reg EC 834/2007 for the enhancement of one of the products, the industrial tomato, that characterizes our best Mediterranean agriculture and is the basis of most of our best gastronomic productions” is the comment of Fabrizio Piva CEO of CCPB srl.