ASIPO participated in the tender of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD), earning funds under chapter 16.2.01 “Support for pilot projects and for the development of new products, practices, processes and technologies in the agriculture and agro-industrial industry- PSR Emilia Romagna (F43) “, for the project:

“Experimentation of an Innovative Integrated Holistic Quality System of Industrial Tomato for the distinctive enhancement of high quality regional derivatives”

The project aims to enhance the value of the regional tomato industry supply chain thanks to the introduction of an innovative Integrated Holistic Quality System which can guarantee added value to the “Premium quality” tomato due to the ongoing improvement of environmental, cultural, nutritional and technological and taste specifications already applied in the Emilia Romagna region. The distinctive origin of the raw material, the high environmental sustainability of the production, the use of new bio diverse cultivars suitable for the cultivation area (under conditions of changed climatic scenarios) with low impact cultivation techniques will be enhanced. Chemical quality markers, nutrition and taste will be scientifically evaluated and statistically applied also on processed products.

As a project promoter, ASIPO is the project leader.

The project partners, besides the member farms, are:

  • SSICA – Experimental Station for the Food Preservation Industry, Viale Faustino Tanara n.31 / A 43121 Parma (PR), provider of scientific consulting.
  • FRA Food Tech Srl Via De Santis n.43 20141 Milan (MI) supplier of consultancy for action 2.3
  • ISI SEMENTI SpA with registered office in Fidenza, Ponte Ghiara 8/A (PR), supplier of the varieties used in the experimental protocol.

EUROFIN SAS –  Consulenza Aziendale Via Egidio Gorra n.55 / B – 29122 Piacenza (PC), supplier consultancy organisation for the Supply Chain project.