SSICA (Stazione Sperimentale per l’Industria delle Conserve Alimentari in Parma” and ASIPO (Associazione Interprovinciale Produttori Ortofrutticoli Società Agricola Cooperativa) organize a conference to present the results of pilot project “Experimentation of Integrated Holistic Quality System of Industrial Tomato (S.O.I.Q.P.)”, Operation 16.2.01 RDP Emilia-Romagna (F43 Supply Chain Project).

The conference will take place in the Sala Tricolore at Stazione Sperimentale per l’Industria delle Conserve Alimentari in Viale Tanara, 31/A in Parma, on Wednesday 26 February 2020.

Program (download the pdf)

9:30 AM – Registration

Opening of works

(Davide Previati – ASIPO)

RDP supply chain project of ASIPO

(Luca Quintavalla – EUROFIN)

Presentation of the experimental protocol of the RDP plan

(Luca Sandei – SSICA)

Varietal adaptability to different agronomic contexts

(Massimiliano Beretta – ISI Sementi)

Characterization of molecules related to general quality and flavor

(Luca Sandei – SSICA)

Discussion and conclusions

(Davide Previati – ASIPO)

12:30 AM – Closing of works

For information call: SSICA +39 0521 795257 – ASIPO +39 0521 241005.