The members are committed to cultivating daily, respecting the stricter and highest national and global food quality and safety standards.
Over time, ASIPO wanted to “certify” itself for these standards, that is, through the control of an independent company, we want to declare all over the world that we comply with the requirements of the agreed national and international standards which support us to constantly improve the quality of our products and cultivation processes.

All our production systems comply with the provisions of the international voluntary standard UNI EN ISO 22005: 08 “Traceability system in agri-food chains”.

As head of the supply chain we check all the traceability of information from the purchase of the seed to the delivery of the raw material to the processing industry. We guarantee a GMO-free supply chain.

All our productions are 100% certified Italian origin.

All our industrial tomatoes come 100% from mechanical harvesting.

These last two aspects are important goals achieved by our supply chain.

All tomato cultivation is certified for integrated production with a Controlled Quality Brand of the Emilia Romagna region based on the Regional Law 28/99. It is a sustainable production system that pursues the objective of minimizing the use of synthetic chemicals, and of preserving natural resources such as water, energy, natural areas and the soil according to the rules well defined in the Guidelines for Integrated Production.

Our crops are supervised by expert technicians and qualified for consultancy for phytosanitary defense with low intake of phytosanitary products (implementation of directive 2009/128/EU).

We have joined the GlobalG.A.P. reference certification (they represent the guidelines for Good Agricultural Practices) and almost 50% of our members are certified.

From 2019 we have decided to certify ourselves also for the GRASP module: it is a model of Good Social Practices on the health, safety and welfare aspects of workers. It’s because the production model does not only include products and how they are obtained, but also of people.

Furthermore, part of the members has joined organic production and for this reason we are certified for the marketing organic products according to current legislation and we also verify that the members comply.

Only such a tracked and monitored system can be the guardian of the trust of our clients and consumers.
As.IPO includes all Good Agricultural Practices in its Sustainable Supply Chain policy. A document divided into three parts: a guideline for the product crops of its own interest, in particular industrial tomatoes, to guide the producer members to proper good agricultural practices to be implemented; a Code of Ethics for a quality of work that is fair, equitable, legal and safe; an Environmental Policy for a supply chain committed to protecting the environment and ecosystems.

Our certifications

Food certification
IT/CT 20150080 UNI EN ISO 22005: 2008 Supply chain traceability from the selection of the propagation material to the fruit and vegetable product

Certification bodies

CCPB SRL is the Monitoring Organisation to which we have entrusted the certification of the marketing of organic products grown by our members. We want to be sure to market only products that meet the criteria of organic legislation and for this reason we have chosen a national reference Organisation in the sector, which is our own and your guarantee of safety.
SGS Italia SpA is the Certification Body that we selected as our partner for Qc, GlobalG.A.P., GRASP and ISO 22005 certifications. Among the leaders of the inspection industry worldwide, its expertise and experience are necessary every day to continue to improve and offer a service and a product that increasingly meets our client and consumer demands.