Our certified and "strengthened" sustainable supply chain


Our association takes a further step towards a sustainable supply chain to become a reference point for consumers and offer our customers unique features and guarantees.

With these objectives we have laid the foundations for the establishment of a “strengthened” certified supply chain.

Our partners accompany us on this innovative path: the certification body SGS Italia Spa, leader in the field of inspections worldwide, and the control body CCPB Srl, the national reference point in the organic sector.

With them we have studied this project for a “strengthened” supply chain, unique and exclusive to ASIPO SAC, which will make it possible to:

  • improve our certification systems;
  • check compliance with European and national legislation of the organic products grown and marketed by the Members in the best possible way;
  • verify compliance with other certification standards (ISCC PLUS, GLOBALG.A.P., GRASP, etc.).

In this way we will be able to offer the best possible service guarantees to our customers.

Furthermore, we will give our members a better technical and operational support, putting ourselves by their side in the certification and compliance process with current legislation.

“To certify GLOBALGAP-GRASP, CHAIN ​​TRACEABILITY (ISO 22005), INTEGRATED PRODUCTION (Qc brand and UNI 11233) and SUSTAINABILITY (ISCC PLUS) – declares Roberto Domaschi Food Schemes Manager of SGS Italia a professional organization that manages around 20% of industrial tomatoes in the district of northern Italy is for SGS Italia a source of pride especially for the seriousness and motivation with which the Organization has faced these challenges, where by Organization we mean the ASIPO technicians and the members; a great challenge that can only grow. “

“CCPB is proud to provide its certification services pursuant to Reg EC 834/2007 for the enhancement of one of the products, the industrial tomato, that characterizes our best Mediterranean agriculture and is the basis of most of our best gastronomic productions” is the comment of Fabrizio Piva CEO of CCPB srl.

Agrimpresa Special tomato for industry December 2021

L'anno del pomodoro

In the special magazine of Agrimpresa in December we talk again about the tomato and the results achieved in the last campaign.

The exceptional year just ended, what prospects will there be for the future?

On page 8-9 you will find the article with the comments of our President and our manager.

The president of Asipo, Pier Luigi Arata, defines the exceptional vintage “but with poor prospects”.

Discover all the details by browsing the magazine at this link.

Campaign 2021: ASIPO obtains the recognition of a product equivalent to FSA Silver Level


Since the 2021 campaign, the tomato of our association has been certified, by our Certification Body SGS Italia, according to ISCC PLUS, the internationally recognized standard for environmental sustainability.

Thanks to this certification our ISCC PLUS certified product is recognized as equivalent to the FSA Silver Level.

Statements of equivalence to FSA levels are written in accordance with the Guide to Making FSA Statements and Claims and confirmed by the Sustainable Agricultural Initiative Platform (SAI Platform), which owns the FSA.

The Sustainable Agricultural Initiative Platform (SAI Platform) is one of the leading global initiatives in the food and beverage value chain for sustainable agriculture.

There are over 130 participants in this platform (including Barilla, Nestlé, Unilever etc.) and you can find them listed here.

This represents a new milestone reached by our Producers Organization that places us at the highest levels of quality recognized globally.

Discover all our certifications and the quality of our product on the Quality page of our site.

Campaign 2021: from farm to fork

In the new episode of “Open air – With the fruits of the earth” on 22/08/2021 available on our YouTube channel, specials dedicated to the harvesting and processing of our tomatoes are available:

 Campaign 2021: how is the tomato harvest going?

We are together with our new President Mr. Pier Luigi Arata and the Head of Technical Department Mr. Davide Previati in Piacenza with Mr. Claudio Ferri to take stock of the current situation of the harvesting of processing tomatoes.

Although the seasonal trend has meant that the harvest began a few days late with yields of the early tomato lower than the historical one, the tomato of the medium-early and medium period is registering an excellent quality to be transformed in terms of brix , texture and color.

Our President talks about how he is facing this new role, the challenges that await us as an oraganization for this campaign, but with an eye to the future of our sector.

Campaign 2021: from farm to fork a look at the processing of the tomato

With the Head of the Technical Department Mr. Davide Previati and Mr. Claudio Ferri we visit the Emiliana Conserve plant in San Polo di Podenzano welcomed by the CEO of the company Mr. Gian Mario Bosoni.

In the episode we follow the path of the tomato from quality control in the factory to bottling. Let’s analyze together the critical issues of the sector from the point of view of the processing industry that we have faced in recent years and the demands that the market places on our sector: an increasingly sustainable product from an ethical, environmental and economic point of view.

Water and tomato

Saturday, September 11 will take place at the Aula Magna of the Istituto Superiore di Agraria e Accoglienza “Raineri – Marcora”, Via Enrico Mattei, 33 – Piacenza (PC) from 10:30, the conference at which we have joined with the title “Water and tomato”.

The issue of the efficient use of water resources to protect crops, the environment and the economy is very current and we are directly involved as tomato producers.

The complete program of the day can be found at this link

To participate it is necessary to book by email at

To attend at the conference and the concert at 6.30 pm it is mandatory to be in possession of the COVID-19 green certification (Green Pass) and show it at the entrance.


Phone: 0523 795348

Phone: 0523 464811


CIBUS 20° International Food Exhibition 2021

We will be present at CIBUS 20° International Food Exhibition. It is one of the most important exhibition for the food field and It will take place at Quartiere fieristico of Parma in Viale delle Esposizioni 393/A.

Our stand will be in the hall 05 – stand D 040.

The exhibition will take place from 31 august to 3 september with these hours:

From 31 august to 2 september: 9.30 am – 6.00 pm
Friday s September: 9.30 am – 3.00 pm (last entry: 1.00 pm)

The exhibition will be an opportunity of discussion with other economic operators from tomatoes supply chain.
The exhibition have a full program of events to discuss about the future of food field.

Verify the rules to access at the exibition in accorting to anti covid-19 legislation.
More information about the events of the exhibition on the site:

Nuovo Presidente

New ASIPO board

Nuovo Presidente

Mr. Pier Luigi Arata is the new president of Asipo-Associazione interprovinciale produttori ortofrutticoli. Arata is 52 years old and comes from Piacenza. He is a well-known farmer of San Polo di Podenzano (PC). Arata will be jointed by the new vice president Corrado Ferrari, important producer of tomatoes in Mantova. The new director is Michele Bertoli.

Intervista a cielo aperto

New Episode taken from "A cielo aperto - Con i frutti della terra" of 27/06/2021

On our YouTube channel you can find the new episode of “A cielo aperto – Con i frutti della terra”.

With our Technical Department Manager Davide Previati we are in Parma at our partner Stefano Bosco’s field  together with Claudio Ferri for the new episode dedicated to niche production such as datterino tomatoes. We are in the full flowering period of the industrial tomato.

In this episode we can see the tomato field required by some industries in Northern Italy. With Davide we take stock of the situation of cultivation of this year and the delays caused by the cold temperatures in April.

In the final part we talk with Stefano about the different irrigation systems possible in industrial tomatoes based on the conditions of the cultivated land.

Intervista a cielo aperto

New Episode taken from "A cielo aperto - Con i frutti della terra" of 02/05/2021

On our YouTube Channel by this link you can find out the new episode of “A cielo aperto – Con i frutti della terra”.

With our Head of Technical Department Mr. Davide Previati we are in Piacenza together with our member Mr. Pier Luigi Arata and Mr. Claudio Ferri from “A cielo aperto” for the new episode dedicated to tomato transplantation and the start of this year’s campaign.
In this episode we can observe the satellite guide and the technologies of agriculture 4.0 that allow to optimize the operation of the transplant and a careful monitoring from the early stages of cultivation.

The unfavourable weather conditions at the beginning of April, the increase of production costs, the framework contract of this year, the new productions and organic production are just some of the arguments we have been faced with.

Agrimpresa news

A product with unique characteristics

Certificazione food

IT/CT 20150080 UNI EN ISO 22005:2008 Traceability of the supply chain from the selection of the propagation material to the fruit and vegetable product.

The tomato of our supply chain: traced from the field to the processing industry, total absence of GMOs, produced in a sustainable way, 100% Made in Italy and 100% from mechanical harvesting.

When we talk about the quality of our tomato we do it with pride, because it is a product with unique characteristics.

For several years as leader we have been verifying that the tomato is completely traced in all its phases that accompany from planting in the nursery to delivery to industry, cultivated avoiding the use of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) with the utmost respect for the environment, ecosystems and of human safety reflecting the values of our Made in Italy.

Our certification body SGS Italia has been certifying for many years the traceability and traceability of our supply chain; in 2020 we added two other important cornerstones that distinguish our tomato in the certification: a product 100% of Italian origin and 100% coming from mechanical harvesting.

Find out more about our certifications on the Quality page and on the Values page of our supply chain of our site.