ASIPO per il sociale

Last December we allocated 5,000.00 euros to the Pediatric Unit of the Parma Hospital  and 5,000.00 euros to the Pediatric Unit of the Piacenza Hospital for the purchase of medical equipment.

These donations were accepted with successive Management Determination n. 08 of 08.02.2022 of the ASL of Piacenza and the company protocol at n. 52534 of 23.12.2021 and subsequently supplemented with a note registered at n. 52847 of 27.12.2021 of the Hospital of Parma.

Our company takes care the need of our community. For this reason we decided to give this contribution to our territory, to do our part to support the development and improvement of our society.

Among the various important social issues we decided to focus on the world of childhood and, in particular, on the pediatric diseases. For this reason our donation has gone to our hospitals as a contribution to purchase the necessary equipment to assist young patients and treat them in the best possible way.