CHAIRMAN’S PRESS RELEASE: “As an association we have decided to talk about our activities to all stakeholders of the industry, to our clients and explain to end consumers around the world what is done to protect their health, the workers and the environment, and for this reason we wanted to innovate and write a new chapter in our history.
We present our restyled logo and website, the result of months of intense work of research and comparison.

This brings us to support our members, providing them with an additional tool in which to find all the necessary information; we want to offer a confrontation point and open dialogue with technicians, consultants and clients.

We tell the consumer that we are by his side, because he knows that the tomato grown by the ASIPO that he finds in the past, in the diced, in the pulp he buys at the supermarket, was obtained only by the commitment of our Members in Italy, according to according to the highest quality and safety standards and checks, respecting workers’ rights and preserving the environment and natural resources. We talk about all this and much more in the website which is an invitation to learn about the missions for which we were founded and our world, which is made by our members and by the tomato”.

The Chairman
Brusatassi Gianni