In the new episode of “ A cielo aperto  – Con i Frutti della Terra ” of 24/04/2022 together with Claudio Ferri there are our Head of the Technical Department Davide Previati and Davide Pezzali who is the owner of the nursery Tomato Nursery and one of our members.

In the episode we tell you about the production chain of tomato seedlings intended for transplanting in the field by our members. How long does the cycle of cultivation of tomato seedlings last? What are the phases that characterize the production of tomato seedlings? What technologies are used to ensure the quality of the seedlings to be transplanted?

In the second part, we go to see live the phase of transplantation of tomato seedlings for industry.

This is one of the most critical phases of the tomato production process. New technologies allow to facilitate and improve the uniformity and quality of transplantation thanks to automatic transplanting machines. In the episode we can see one of these machines at work.

But what are the costs of these machines? What are the difficulties that our members have to face in this campaign?

Find out in this new episode!