Episode taken from “A cielo aperto – Con i frutti della terra” of 11/09/2022

In the first part of the new episode of “A cielo aperto – Con i Frutti della Terra” on 11/09/2022 with Claudio Ferri there are our Head of the Technical Department Davide Previati and the partner Carlo Ghisoni.

With Davide and Carlo we make the synthesis of the tomato campaign, the production expectations and yields and the difficulties that characterized this year.

In the second part with Claudio Ferri there are the industrial director Fabio Delmiglio and Achille Ghisoni Purchasing Manager of the Greci Industria Alimentare.

This opportunity allows us to know closely a historical reality of the province of Parma and the process of processing tomatoes for industry.

Discover all this in the new episode!

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